Japanese Western-Style Sweet of Fukushima

Presenting Japanese Western-Style of Fukushima Prefecture Local Souvenirs  You know what? Unique local dishes and Japanese sweet have developed in Fukushima. Let’s take a look at local popular souvenirs Japanese western-style sweet of Fukushima prefecture. In Aizu city basin where severe spell of cold weather continues, a … Continued

Japanese Western-style Sweet of Yamagata prefecture

Presenting Yamagata Prefecture Local Souvenirs of Japanese Sweet Yamagata’s famous products are cherry. I am pleased to introduce some delicious and popular local  souvenirs of Japanese sweet, using local specialty. “Sakuranbo Kirara”, produced by Katoubussan Luxuriously using one whole piece of … Continued

Treasure Wagashi’s Chest of Japanese Sweet Lucky Charm-Shaped

The Assorted Refreshments Wagashi (Japanese Style Sweet) called “Kuchitori”  Do you know the assorted refreshments Japanese style sweets called “Kuchitori”? They are the desserts of wagashi we enjoy after eating New Year dishes and are sold only for New Year holidays. They … Continued