Wagashi of kyoto and fasionable chocolate in New York, Dreamlike collaboration

Old- Established Wagashi  and Chocolate Shops You know what ?  “Kyoto Fuyaki senbei (soft baked cracker)”and chocolate are the best combinations. I’d like to introduce to you assorted wagashi (Japanese style sweet), Kyoto products ranked high in the shopping ranking of … Continued

Wagashi of High Ranking Assorted Karinto (Japanese Fried Cookies)

Wagashi of local flavors named after nine spots in Kyoto I’d like to introduce to you “Popular Assorted wagashi products in Kyoto highly reputed by the shopping magazine Fujingaho.” “Mushi Yashinai Dokoro Ninigi” assorted Karintos(Japanese fried cookies). Reference   fujingaho.ringbell.co.jp/etc/tokusyu_kyoto_wagashi.php “Mushi … Continued

Highly ranked in the Popular Japanese Western Style Sweet

Japanese Western Style Sweet of ‘Chocolate Confectionery’ Section by “Otoriyose net” I’d like to introduce to you popular sweets highly ranked in the ‘chocolate confectionery’ section from a review website for online shopping. No1: “Torokeru syokora (melt-in-your-mouth chocolate)”(15 pieces) from … Continued

Local souvenir ranking of Pretz’s Japanese Sweets or Snacks

“Pretz”(プリッツ) in the local souvenir ranking of Glico’s Japanese Sweets You know what? There are many souvenir products which are available only in those regions of Japan. They are sold at each local airport, station, service area on highways, and stands at sightseeing … Continued