Daifuku Wagashi of Strawberriy and Matcha

Wagashi of high ranking of Japanese sweet’s shops on the internet

You know what? Daifuku is is not high-price and popular wagashi in Japan. To a person who is looking for Japanese sweet which is not too sweet and filling.
”Daifuku”, one of the most popular traditional Japanese sweet, is sold in overseas sites. Daifuku is a mochi with red sweet bean paste filling.

If you look at the ranking of the shopping sites of Japan, Daifuku stuffed with strawberries and matcha ( powdered green tea) are ranked high. Most of the customers are in their thirties and forties. These fruit are big, fresh and delicious.


 Reference   item.rakuten.co.jp/kyogashi/itigodaihuku/

Here is a popular ”Strawberries ice cream Daifuku”.


Reference  item.rakuten.co.jp/kitanokashi-kafuu/

The mochi softly wraps milk flavored strawberries ice cream. Plentiful ice cream which has a real sour strawberries flavor filled in the fluffy mochi, and the ice cream is not overly sweet so it’s delicious.

(The information refers to the ranking of shops on the internet.)

Notes.  Japanese loves to enjoy two tastes at once, both sweetness and sourness at once.

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