Other Japanese Sweets of Tokyo Banana (東京ばな奈)

Unique Japanese Brothers of Tokyo Banana (東京ばな奈) Sweets Have you heard of Tokyo Banana’s (東京ばな奈) another series, which has become new popular souvenirs in Tokyo? I’d like to introduce other best-loved sweets which are similar to banana cake.They are unique confections of Tokyo Banana. … Continued

“Tokyo Banana (東京ばな奈)” Japanese Sweet of ‘Baumkuchen’

Another Popular Japanese Sweets Using Cute Banana Design You know what? Tokyo Banana (東京ばな奈) has another sweets series using cute Banana design. Let’s take a look at some delicious Japanese sweets of Baumkuchen. What’s Baumkuchen? It is a cake which has … Continued

 Local Wagashi (Japanese Style Sweet) of Tochigi

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Popular Wagashi (Japanese-style sweet) I am pleased to introduce some delicious and popular local  souvenirs of wagashi, using local specialty of Ibaraki prefecture.  Presenting Tochigi Prefecture Local Souvenirs “Koin Monaka”, produced by Koundo-honten Specialty Japanese sweet of Ashikaga city, “Koin Monaka”, a hallmark of … Continued

Japanese Western-Style Sweet of Tochigi

Background of Japanese western-style sweet Did you know that Tochigi is famous for“Tochiotome” strawberry and dried gourd shavings?  I am pleased to introduce to you local popular souvenirs Japanese western-style sweets of Tochigi prefecture. It is an inland prefecture with no open ocean and boasts agriculture, … Continued

Japanese Pretz (プリッツ) and Pocky (ポッキー) of “Glicopia East”

Japanese sightseeing spots of Pretz (プリッツ) and Pocky (ポッキー) “Glicopia East (グリコピアイースト)” in Kanto area a museum has been opend in Saitama prefecture since 2012, You can enjoy watching the production processes for Pretz(プリッツ) and Pocky(ポッキー). Moreover, you will understand the pleasure of confectionery by films … Continued

Japanese Sweet’s KitKat “Tochiotome” and “Amaou” Strawberry

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Japanese Sweets of  2 Famous Strawberry Flavor’s KitKat(キットカット)  You know what ? There are two famous strawberry flavors of KitKat (キットカット) in Japan.  How different these strawberry flavors of KitKat are ? Both strawberries which are printed on the package are big and look delicious. … Continued