Japanese Sweet of “Top 5 Tokyo souvenir”

Representative Japanese Sweets of  Tokyo 

In 2014, “Let’s Enjoy Tokyo” did a questionnaire about the souvenir confections for 1,557 men and women living all over Japan. They announced “Top 5 Tokyo souvenirs which everybody wants to get.”
“Standard Tokyo souvenirs” and “the products ranked in 2013” are excluded.

No.1 : “Honig Apfelbaum” Karl Juchheim – 369 votes

img_t02_no1  Reference   miyage.enjoytokyo.jp/voice/
Limited sweets of Haneda Airport.
It is a cake with impact in appearance; the whole apple cooked in sugar syrup is wrapped in Baumkuchen.

No 2 : “Kuzu-Mochi (arrowroot cake)” Funabashi-ya – 331 votes

img_t02_no2     Reference   miyage.enjoytokyo.jp/voice/

It is the taste of a long-standing shop established in the Edo era.
These Japanese style sweet get much support from people in their forties and fifties particularly.

No.3: “Banana Bread”  Pastry Boutique ‘ORIGAMI’ in the Capitol Hotel Tokyu, well-established luxury hotel of Akasaka – 323 votes

img_t02_no3   Reference   miyage.enjoytokyo.jp/voice/
Flavor of banana that melts softly in your mouth is the distinct characteristic of this bread.

No.4: “Assorted Dry Cakes” Yougashi (western confectionery) ‘West’ – 316 votes

img_t02_no4    Reference   miyage.enjoytokyo.jp/voice/

No.5: “The Original RaisinWich” Patisserie ‘Paris Ogawaken’ – 310 votes

img_t02_no5    Reference   miyage.enjoytokyo.jp/voice/
Raisins and special cream are sandwiched by two cookies. The confections of No.4 and No.5 seem to have two reasons why they were chosen “Top 5 Tokyo souvenirs.” Both of them are value-added confections; not only delicious taste but also “Tokyo limited edition” & “long standing shops.”

One of the requirements to be popular sweets is “limited edition”! Oh, that is another new requirement !
Because there are too many Japanese sweets in Japan, we might get tired of the ordinary ones we can get easily.


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