Local souvenir ranking of Pretz’s Japanese Sweets or Snacks

“Pretz”(プリッツ) in the local souvenir ranking of Glico’s Japanese Sweets You know what? There are many souvenir products which are available only in those regions of Japan. They are sold at each local airport, station, service area on highways, and stands at sightseeing … Continued

Japanese Snacks or Sweets of “Pretz” and “Giant Pokey”

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“Pretz(プリッツ)” and “Giant Pokey(ジャイアント ポッキー)”, Limited to Fukuoka City, Kyushu  “Giant Pokey” is a big pretzel-like stick which is approximately 21 cm long. Local food of  Fukuoka region are used, so we can enjoy fresh and unique taste. “Giant Pockey with Hiyoko cream flavor” You … Continued