Japanese “Tiny Pretz” Sweet of Using Brown Sugar of Okinawa

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Japanese “Tiny Pretz (ちっちゃな プリッツ)” Sweet  of Limited to Okinawa District “Tiny Pretz (ちっちゃな プリッツ) flavor with Okinawa brown sugar”, produced by Glico This is a small size biscuit stick “Pretz”. Brown sugar from Okinawa is used and its rich sweetness works the final touch. It has … Continued

Japanese “Pretz” Snack and “Giant Pocky” Sweet of Hokkaido

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Japanese Sweet’s “Giant Pocky(ジャイアントポッキー)” of Limited to Hokkaido District With the current popularity of  local limited snacks in Japan, many kinds of Pocky and Pretz of Glico are sold. I am pleased to introduce “Giant Pretz” and “Giant Pocky ” of Glico Hokkaido area limited. Giant product … Continued