Popular Japanese Local-Limited Pretz !

Popular ranking Glico’s Local-Limited Japanese Pretz !

Let’s take a look at locally-limited Pretz items ranked in “Best local souvenir snack ranking by Glico”. Each product uses local special ingredients or dishes as a flavor. They are available only in each region of Japan. They are sold at each local airport, station, service area on highways, and stands at sightseeing places. However, we can buy 9 of them online.



Japanese selected, “Glico’s snacks’ Pretz in the local souvenir ranking” 

Did you know about the rare local Pretz items? I am happy if you find your favorite Pretz amongst them.These are different from wagashi or Japanese sweet.

No1 :  “Giant Pretz (ジャイアント プリッツ) with Hakata-brand Mentaiko(Spicy Caviar) Taste”  (Mentaiko is salted cod roe ‘caviar’ spiced with red pepper.)

No2 : “Little Pretz Green Soybean (Zunda) Flavor”

No3 : “Giant Pretz with a Beef Flavor”

No4 : “Pretz with Ogura Toast Flavor and Sweet Red Bean Paste”

No5 : “Tiny Pretz (ちっちゃな プリッツ)with Hiroshima Okonomiyaki Flavor

No6 : “Tokyo Baby Karinto(sweet and deep-fried traditional snack food)”

No7 : “Kyoto Uji Collon with Matcha (powdered Green) Tea flavor”

No8 : “Tiny Pretz flavor with Okinawa brown sugar”

No9 : “Okinawa Collon Pineapple flavor”

No10 : “A little Pretz with Marutai Ramen taste”

More Popular Pretz 



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