“Milk Pocky” and “Giant Caprico(Chocolate Coffee Taste of Koma-jirou)”

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Milk Pocky and Caprico which collaborated with Kawaii “Koma-san” of “Yo-Kai Watch”

You know what? “Koma-san” is one of the popular cute little monsters of cartoon “Yo-Kai Watch.”
The “Milk Pocky” and “Giant Caprico(chocolate coffee taste of Koma-jirou)” which collaborated with “Koma-san” have been launched from Ezaki Glico.

0379038_06Reference  entabe.jp/news/gourmet/7353/youkai-watch-pokky-and-caprico-are-on-sale

“What kind of character is Koma-san?”

31744257   Reference  pic.prepics-cdn.co

He is a specter who possessed the Komainu (guardian lion-dog statues) of a Shinto shrine in a country.
One day he came over to the city, because the Shinto shrine was destroyed by human beings.
His great favorite is soft-serve ice cream.

The Komainu, a stone gatekeeper placed at the entrance of the Shinto shrine, is a protective god like a guardian angel.

Osakejinja03_1024    Reference    ja.wikipedia.org

Milk Pocky of Koma-san”


Reference entabe.jp/news/gourmet/7353/youkai-watch-pokky-and-caprico-are-on-sale

This white Pocky is made with milk flavored chocolate.Its image is a character of “Koma-san” who loves milk.
“Koma-san” is printed on the package but also inside.

“Giant Caprico(chocolate coffee taste of Koma-jirou)” 


Reference entabe.jp/news/gourmet/7353/youkai-watch-pokky-and-caprico-are-on-sale

It is an air-in-chocolate(puffed chocolate); chocolate with coffee milk flavor is coated with milk chocolate.You can taste three kinds of chocolate.
Its image is Koma-san’s younger brother “Koma-jirou” who loves coffee milk. 
The design of this product is Koma-jirou’s limited edition.

“Animating Your Colored Picture”

写真s2014-12-10s16s08s25 写真s2014-12-10s16s23s54

Reference takakura.hamazo.tv/e5801319.html

All products have a QR code with which you can download the data for “Animating Your Colored Picture” of the ghost characters from Yo-Kai Watch.
Then you can bring your original colored character from Yo-Kai Watch to life, animated 3D, in your smartphone or tablet. 
You need to download an App “3DesignAR” to make the camera on your device recognize your colored character.

Notes.    How cute! I want to play with Kawaii monsters.

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