Wagashi of Japanene rice cracker with small dried flatfish

Wagashi: Debera-yaki – Japanene rice cracker with small dried flatfish

Debera-yaki is the rice cracker which baked with one dried small flatfish on its top.
The rice cracker is crispy, and the dried fish is tasty.You can feel the essence of sea.


Debera is the flatfish which fishermen of Onomichi fish and dry on board.
Debera-yaki is popular as a souvenir of Onomichi with its unique appearance.
At first you may think it looks like a fossil of fish.But after you eat it,you notice enjoying the natural taste.

You eat one small dried fish entirely,so it is rich in vitamins and calcium.
That`s why Debera-yaki is good not only for growing children,but also for adults who care for their health.
You can enjoy it with tea,with beer and sake as a snack.


Onomichi,facing the Seto Inland Sea, prospered for a long time as a distribution center of the distribution by the marine transportation

Onomichi is famous as the town of the slope, a town of the literature, a town of the movies.
It was the location of some novels and some movies.
It is often used for a scene of the animated cartoon after the 2000s.

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