Wagashi is the Most Popular Regional Specialty of Hiroshima

Rare wagashi of various types of Momiji-manjyu

Do you know wagashi Momiji-manjyu (maple leaf-aped steamed (bean-jam) bun), a regional specialty of Hiroshima prefecture in Japan?
This is how “Momiji-manjyu” confectionery is made: bean jam is wrapped in sponge cake dough which contains wheat flour, eggs, sugar, and honey, and then they are baked in leaf-shaped iron molds called “kata”. The Momiji-manjyu is now ready to be served.

koshian_main1Reference  www.fujiiya.co.jp

There are various types of Momiji-manjyu. Momiji-manjyu is available in many different varieties. Here are some interesting, rare types.

“Apples cooked in wine.”  You can enjoy the texture of fresh apple. The apples are cooked in wine to make them soft.

photo     Reference kashidokoro-kimura.net/content/view/6/6/

“Powdered green tea dough and coarse red bean jam flavor.”

22_02   Reference  momiji-yamadaya.co.jp/
“Chocolate-coated.” The chocolate transforms this traditional Japanese dessert (Momiji-manjyu ) into a Japanese western style sweet.

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“Black Momiji-manjyu” Bamboo charcoal powder is kneaded into the dough and it includes rich in minerals.

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” Strawberry bean jam Momiji-manjyu.”  You can enjoy the strawberry flavor.

cut6Reference  momiji-yamadaya.co.jp/

“Orange Momiji-manjyu”  Fresh orange is mixed into the bean jam. You can enjoy both fruit pulp orange flavor and sweetness.

cut4Reference  momiji-yamadaya.co.jp/

“Purple yam Momiji-manjyu”    You feel it tastes nostalgic like simple country purple yam.

cut3  Reference  momiji-yamadaya.co.jp/

“Kitty Momiji-manjyu”  Here is baked in Kitty-shaped iron molds. You can enjoy 3 kinds of flavors: chocolate, cheese and cream.

original  Reference tabelog.com

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  1. Magdalena

    I tried this when I was in Hiroshima (going to Miyajima) and it was really very good. Personally, I love the red bean paste filling/yam, it’s simply the best.

    Thank you for your great website – since I can’t read the Japanese characters it has been a guessing game what I was eating (and describing it to my friends is even harder!). Your translations and pictures really do help me a lot – although they make me feel very hungry! 🙂

    Kind regards,

    • Baby Yushi

      Dear Magdalena
      Thank you for your comment. I am happy you love wagashi! I like Hiroshima (going to Miyajima),too. I visited this sightseeing 5 times with my family or friends. If you would like to request information, please ask me. I hope you enjoy eating more on Japanese confectionery!


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