Treasure Wagashi’s Chest of Japanese Sweet Lucky Charm-Shaped

The Assorted Refreshments Wagashi (Japanese Style Sweet) called “Kuchitori” 

Do you know the assorted refreshments Japanese style sweets called “Kuchitori”?
They are the desserts of wagashi we enjoy after eating New Year dishes and are sold only for New Year holidays.
They feature the shapes of lucky charms such as prawn or sea bream.
White bean paste is used as the main ingredient; these sweets are familiar in Hokkaido and Aomori, but not in other areas.

The Kuchitori of the Japanese sweets shop: How luxurious!

Please take a close look at these elaborate sweets which are true to life. I can’t believe these are Japanese sweets.

The prawn means “longevity,” and the sea bream means “happiness.” Each has meaning.

It is the section of the sweets. The outside is white sweet bean paste and the inside is red one.
648  Refernce

Notes. Japanese people like a New Year’s Japanese sweet  which is a kind of lucky charm.

Wrapped up by Yushi

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