Kyoto’s Wagashi of Yatuhashi combined with several different fillings

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“Nikiniki” Confectioner in Kyoto is Colorful and Cute New Flavors of Wagashi

Have you heard of “Nikiniki,” which is the new popular shop selling yatsuhashi (unbaked rice cake) in Kyoto?
They offer colorful, cute new flavors of unbaked yatsuhashi combined with several different fillings.
You can create custom orders: for example, you can choose bean jam or confit, and freely put them in your favorite yatsuhashi dough.



There are 5 kinds of dough: basic cinnamon, Kyoto-style powdered green tea, cute rose pink, cool azure, and fragrant sesame.



They make some seasonable designs of yatsuhashi.
Here is the spring design,  “A flower garden and clover”


Here is the summer design, “Gion Festival”


Here is the autumn design, “A raccoon dog and a mushroom”


Here is the winter design, “Snowman and Spring will soon be here.”


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