Popular Japanese Sweets, “Matcha Mount Blanc Pudding”

Japanese sweet made using high-quality matcha (powdered green tea)

You know what, it is a very popular Kyoto wagashi  in Japan.  What is the secret of the deliciousness of the powdered green tea Mount Blanc pudding and how to eat it? The pudding okashi is full of a pleasant green tea fragrance and fresh cream, and with a certain depth of a melt-away taste.

Matcha Mount Blanc pudding, produced by “Higashiyama-Karyo in Kyoto”


Reference   http://fujingaho.ringbell.co.jp/

A delicious way to eat the pudding is to pour the accompanying green tea syrup on the powdered green tea bean paste topped in a Mount Blanc style and scoop up the pudding with a spoon. You can enjoy high-quality sweetness harmonizes with bitterness of matcha.

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