Wagashi of Matcha and Kyoto Ground Soybean Flour

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Wagashi of Matcha and Soybean Flour Cream Daifuku Created in Kyoto

Delicious taste of the melting skin, you can enjoy new sensation of moist sweetness and flavors wagashi.  Cool and smooth melting in the mouth, with the fresh cream adding harmony to the ingredients of the Kyoto-style wagashi.

Matcha (Uji powdered green tea)and Kinako( Kyoto ground soybean flour) Daifuku, produced by “Higashiyama-Karyo in Kyoto”


Reference   http://fujingaho.ringbell.co.jp/

Western-style Japanese sweets using plenty of Uji powdered green tea and Kyoto ground soybean flour rich in fragrance. Using plenty of aromatic Uji  matcha and Kyoto ground soybean flour.


Reference   http://fujingaho.ringbell.co.jp/

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