Matcha Collon of Uji

Japanese Sweet: Fragrance of Powdered Green Tea

When you put this Kyoto Uji Matcha Collon in your mouth, you may be impressed by strong fragrance of the matcha (powdered green tea).
The first tea leaves picked by hand are used for Kyoto Uji Matca Collon.


Original collon is a tiny cookie. It has cylinder shape. The core of the crunchy thin cookie is filled with cream.
A feature of Kyoto Uji Matca Collon is to use those special matcha for a cookie dough and cream.
Cream seems to melt away when I eat it at normal temperature.
When I cool it and eat, cream becomes firm, but can enjoy the slightly chilly touch.
It is yummy eating in either way.
You can try both way, and find out which way you like.

Kyoto Uji Matcha collon is limitedly sold only in Kansai area.
Uji is known as a production center of the tea of the high quality more than 600 years.
Sen-no Rikyu, the great master of tea ceremony, also loved Uji tea deeply.
This small cookie shows the essence of Japanese history and tradition.
When we eat cookies, usually we do not think about such things.
However, the taste of the matcha lets you feel Japan strongly.

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