Japanese sweet of Matcha Castella in Kyoto

Cool and soft texture summer Castella, western-style Japanese sweet

Have you heard of “Zenkashoin Sekkaso”, which  is is one of the most stylish and popular shops in Kyoto?

A summer sweet with powdered green tea ice cream between green tea Castella. One bite brings out the unique sophisticated and spreading fragrance of the powdered green tea, which is in harmony with the delicate texture of the sponge.

034F-002s1Reference   http://fujingaho.ringbell.co.jp/

Delicious when eaten frozen. And gently melting ice cream makes the softness of the sponge and the moist sensation stand out.

034F-002s2Reference   http://fujingaho.ringbell.co.jp/

Individual packaging of 12 cm in length is convenient. so the confectionery of the shop is perfect for a gift.

The main store is located in Kyoto, on the Muromachidori, a street lined with kimono shops, and is a popular establishment with a courtyard, a coffee shop and a gallery, visited by many people.

img01   Reference   www.zen-kashoin.com/store/

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