Rabbit-shaped Wagashi or Japanese Western Style Sweets

 Wagashi and Japanese Sweets have been loved among the Japanese for a long time

Do you like a confectionery which is shaped like cute animal ? There are many wagashi or Japanese western style sweets which are shaped like animals, especially cute rabbit-shaped treats have been loved among the Japanese for a long time. I collected some rabbit-shaped Japanese sweets.

“Inaba no shirousagi (White rabbit of Inaba)” is one of the popular souvenirs which represents the San’in region. It is named after the Hare of Inaba, which is a Japanese mythological creature.

2003   Reference   www.shirousagi-goen.com/294/

“Shirousagi financier (baked butter cake)” is a confectionery which was baked in the form of a rabbit, too. Its texture is astonishingly moist and soft.

2008Reference   www.shirousagi-goen.com/294/

“Fukuusagi (lucky rabbit)” is a bite-sized steamed manju (bun).

s_01-213x213  Reference www.fukuusagi.jp/sweet/

“Snow rabbit” is a marshmallow made using gelatin, which has a lot of collagen in it. Marshmallow with white bean paste wrapped inside and smoothly melts in your mouth, making it easy to eat the confection.

250px-Fukuoka_wagashi_Yukiusagi     Reference  ja.wikipedia.org


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