Wagashi of Shiga is a historical Japanese Sweet

Presenting Local Wagashi (Japanese style sweet) of Shiga Prefecture Shiga prefecture has some representative souvenirs such as Oomi beef, Funa-zushi (crucian carp sushi), red konjac and so on. However, you must not forget delicious and unique wagashi (Japanese style sweets) loved … Continued

Rabbit-shaped Wagashi or Japanese Western Style Sweets

 Wagashi and Japanese Sweets have been loved among the Japanese for a long time Do you like a confectionery which is shaped like cute animal ? There are many wagashi or Japanese western style sweets which are shaped like animals, especially … Continued

Treasure Wagashi’s Chest of Japanese Sweet Lucky Charm-Shaped

The Assorted Refreshments Wagashi (Japanese Style Sweet) called “Kuchitori”  Do you know the assorted refreshments Japanese style sweets called “Kuchitori”? They are the desserts of wagashi we enjoy after eating New Year dishes and are sold only for New Year holidays. They … Continued