Kyoto Wagashi Highly Reputed of Chestnut “Kuri-Kinton”

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 Wagashi of Japanese chestnuts and good-quality white sweet bean paste are used

“Kyoto chestnut Kasyou Wakana-ya”
Roasted chestnut Kuri-kinton (mashed sweet potatoes with sweet chestnuts) It has a light, dry and soft texture, and the robust sweetness goes with green tea perfectly.



It is the superb sweets to which grilled marks were added; Japanese chestnuts and good-quality white sweet bean paste are used in the Kuri-kinton. You can enjoy the nice smell of the roasted chestnuts.

The chestnut Kuri-kinton is the popular item which has sold more than 14,000 a day. In addition, the confectionery is “Popular Wagashi(Japanese sweets) products in Kyoto”  selected by a shop on the internet of magazine Fujingaho.

The smooth and refined taste represents the sweets of Kyoto. One box contains 20 pieces and its shelf life is 10 days. The Kuri-kinton is highly appreciated as a hospitality gift.



Notes.   This sweet seems to be a chestnut than a real chestnut. The infants who do not know the chestnut of nature will increase !

Wrapped up by Yushi


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