Rolls Matcha Japanese Sweets of Kyoto

 Two types of Matcha Japanese-style rolls sweets I am pleased to introduce to you individual texture Japanese-style rolls,  these are very popular sellers on the magazine “Fujingaho”  order site in Japan. Reference On the right is the roll containing Kyoto’s traditional … Continued

Wagashi of kyoto and fasionable chocolate in New York, Dreamlike collaboration

Old- Established Wagashi  and Chocolate Shops You know what ?  “Kyoto Fuyaki senbei (soft baked cracker)”and chocolate are the best combinations. I’d like to introduce to you assorted wagashi (Japanese style sweet), Kyoto products ranked high in the shopping ranking of … Continued

Wagashi of High Ranking Assorted Karinto (Japanese Fried Cookies)

Wagashi of local flavors named after nine spots in Kyoto I’d like to introduce to you “Popular Assorted wagashi products in Kyoto highly reputed by the shopping magazine Fujingaho.” “Mushi Yashinai Dokoro Ninigi” assorted Karintos(Japanese fried cookies). Reference “Mushi … Continued