Tea Ceremony’s Wagashi of Dry Japanese Sweet of Kyoto

Wagashi of Higashi, Dry Japanese Sweet Expresses as the Scenery of Beautiful Kyoto

How about this kind of Higashi (dry confections) from a traditional shop called “Ryuen.” in Kyoto. They try to express the scenery and culture of Kyoto through their confectionery.

“Garden of Kyoto”, produced by Ryuen
This higashi confection is named after a beautiful seasonal garden of Kyoto.

products-cat-rakuseki2_kyononiwa_img1  Reference  www.kyogashi-ryuen.jp

The colors represent a beautiful Japanese style garden with soft light and mossy stones.

products-cat-rakuseki2_kyononiwa_img2  Reference  www.kyogashi-ryuen.jp
Ogura youkan (azuki-sweet bean jelly) with it’s rich flavor is covered with Koshi-An(strained sweet bean paste). Then Yoshino Kuzu (arrowroot starch) and green tea powder are added as the final touch. Its flavor is mild and the texture is moist.

 “Shoufu (the wind through pine trees)”, produced by Ryuen
These confections express and represent Japanese tea ceremony held during the cold winter months. Guests hear sound of boiling water in a teakettle and enjoy seeing the garden during the ceremony.
products-cat-rakuseki2_shofuraku_img1    Reference  www.kyogashi-ryuen.jp

The reddish brown color represents early winter, and the white color represents the frost on the pine needles on the ground in the morning.

products-cat-rakuseki2_shofuraku_img2   Reference  www.kyogashi-ryuen.jp

Notes.   How detailed and wonderful! We can learn about the culture of Kyoto from dry sweets from this traditional shop’s products.

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