Shocking Wagashi of Higashi ( Japanese Dry Sweet)

These Wagashi are made entirely from sugar with French origin names

I’d like to introduce to you local Japanese dry confectionery with simple and original designs, and French origin names.

“Nouvelle Wasanbon”
This modern designed product is famous as a souvenir of Kagawa prefecture. It is a joint production collaboration between some designers and Nouvelle Wasanbon Co.,Ltd. Wasanbon sugar produced in limited regions of the Kagawa prefecture since the Edo era is called “Sanuki Wasanbon”. It is a sugar created by methods unchanged since ancient times. The brand name “Nouvelle” means “never done before” or “innovative” in French.

THIS is a box of traditional Japanese sweets?!


This is a Japanese dry confectionery named “Skeleton”.



These confections have shocking appearances that you can’t forget from the first glance. These are cute, but these are morbid!



This is an odd game of Othello.
Actually it’s a fully edible, version of an Othello game. The pieces are all Nouvelle Wasanbon.


Not only can you eat it, but you can also try making this puzzle house.


“Suzukake” is one of the Wagashi confectioners in Hakata city, Fukuoka prefecture. This confectioner produces simple and modern designed dry confections such as “Tatamize-goma”. 



“Tatamize” basically means “Japonaiserie (Japanesery)” in French.
The confectioner makes a checkered pattern with their dry confectionery, which is one of the traditional Japanese patterns. You can enjoy the sophisticated taste of Wasanbon (refined Japanese sugar) melting in your mouth.

Notes.  “What a funny sweet !”  I can appreciate modern art and the taste of Higashi (Japanese dry sweet) at once.

Wrapped up by Yushi

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