New Year’s Japanese Sweet of “Malebranche” shop in Kyoto

 The Japanese Sweet that East is in Harmony with the West

“Malebranche” shop is one of the stylish patisseries in Kyoto, so the Japanese sweet of the shop is perfect for a gift. Please join us to take a look at beautiful New Year’s sweets; the East is in harmony with the West.

 “Kyoto Sable”



The Sable made from rice flour which gives the image of Kyoto You can enjoy six kinds of flavors: citron, organic powdered green tea, refined sugar, white sesame of Kyoto, strawberry and cheese.

“Shochikubai (pine, bamboo and plum trees)



Macaroons are used to make the pine and plum, while bamboo and cloud are made with meringue. The box has assorted sweets including Ema(a votive horse tablet) sandwiched cookies with cream. These are limited edition “Good-luck” sweets for New Year.

“Fukuga-takusan(A lot of fortunes)” , “Otafuku (face filled with happiness)” fkj15_otfkj15_ot_item1


It is the popular assorted confectionery which has New Year Ema (a votive horse tablet) sandwiched cookie with cream, maple honey pie, sesame caramel pie and so on. The Ema cookie is soft and fluffy because whipped eggs are used.

Notes.  I am interested in a Ema (a votive horse tablet) cookie, Yushi’s Chinese zodiac sign is the horse !

Wrapped up by Yushi

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    Hi , my name is My Huynh , I’m living USA , last month I went to japan , tokyo and kyoto , I love japanese snack , that why I went to japan , I bought a lot omiyage , at daimaru and isetan , I bought some malabrandche. But I don’t see the cookie you write on the web , can you tell me where I can buy online , because I want colletion japanese sweet and try all them , your website very interesting , and help me a lot to know more about japanese sweet , thank you a lot

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