Kuidaore Tarou appears on many Japanese sweets in Osaka

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You know what, Osaka has many individual and famous characters Japanese sweet.

“Kuidaore Tarou” is one of the very popular characters in the Dotonbori area of Osaka. He appears on many souvenir sweets in Osaka. Sauce Senbei (rice crackers dipped in a sauce), candy, honey cake and pudding. I am pleased to introduce to you some “Kuidaore Tarou” Japanese sweets produced by Tarofoods.

” Kuidaore Tarou  pudding”


01_img2Reference  www.tarofoods.com/index.html

You can enjoy eating sweets with cute illustrations on the packages, and you will be surprised by the fact that 3 delicious puddings are in his hat and there’s a picture of Tarou’s face inside. These sweets have a sense of fun!

“Kuidaore Tarou honey cake set”


Reference  www.tarofoods.com/index.html

Kuidaore Tarou Sauce Senbei (rice crackers dipped in a sauce)”

main02 main01

Reference  www.tarofoods.com/index.html

Osaka is one of the famous food-shop battlegrounds, and there are so many delicious dishes.
“Kuidaore” means “eat oneself out of house and home”, so his name expresses this type of food culture.

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