Excellent Wagashi of Getting the Most Out of Chestnuts and Walnuts

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Why are the wagashi so excellent and served at tea ceremonies?

“Honke Nagatoya”  Kagunokinomi, a famous sweet in Oshu  A whole carefully selected domestic Manchurian walnut, wrapped in high-quality strained bean paste and coated with brown sugar. At a glance, it looks like truffle chocolate.


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The homemade bean paste is cooked slowly for about three hours and kneaded into an elaborated flavor. A sophisticated taste with the bittersweet taste of the Manchurian walnut and an integrated blend of bean paste and brown sugar. The Japanese sweet has a rich body but is not too sweet, and has a delicious taste that goes well with green tea and coffee.


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The “Naga” seal on the lid of the wooden box shows that the individual sweets are handmade by the confectioners. Can also be a great gift.

Rituami, a famous sweet in Kyoto

Rare fermented soybeans and chestnut with astringent skin


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The store’s representative excellent sweets. The carefully selected large chestnuts are thoroughly soaked one by one in sweet syrup, then finished in chestnut cakes with a mellow taste. The flavor and sweetness of the astringent skin are exquisite. The moist sweetness melts in the mouth.


Reference  fujingaho.ringbell.co.jp/etc/tokusyu_sweets_ranking.php

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