Bean Wagashi (Japanese Style Sweets and Snacks) of Ishikawa

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Wagashi “Mameya Bankyu” Bean Japanese Sweets

I recommend suitable wagashi  to you, who appreciate the relationship with other people. It is a bean confectionery made by “Mameya Kanazawa Bankyu” in Ishikawa prefecture. “Bean” is called “mame” in Japanese and it has a meaning of “faithful relationships”. Therefore those Japanese sweets and snacks are perfect for a New Year gift.

“Red-and-white beans set”

h_kouhaku_1n     Reference
This is assorted bean snacks in a paper container, including two kinds of taste: salt of Noto area and plum.



“Parched organic soybeans”

iso_wa1n   Reference
The organic soybeans have a luxurious taste of “wasabi (Japanese horseradish)” or laver seaweed.

 iso2n  Reference

“Small beans with crunchy taste”

choco_cate  Reference

These are roasted organic soybeans and are coated with chocolate.
You can enjoy the four kinds of flavors: white, strawberry, powdered green tea and bitter.

Their container has a bean shape and has a beautiful picture. It is drawn by women in the Kutani area and they are drawing freehand using the traditional technique.  Each painting is slightly different.
I’d like to introduce a early spring’s selection.

“Spear flower” and “plum” are Japanese flowers blooming around the New Year time when it is still cold.

s_senryo  s_ume    Reference
It is called “Willow rice cake” to pray for the productiveness of grain of the year. “Tai (sea bream) ”  means “happiness.”

s_yanagi s_medetai2 Reference

Notes.   If you are tired, I recommend the wagashi, “Parched organic soybeans” to you. Because it is healthy and simple taste!

Wrapped up by Yushi

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