Popular Wagashi or Japanese Sweets of Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station ! Let’s find nice souvenir of wagashi or Japanese sweet!

I am pleased to introduce to you some nice wagashi or Japanese sweets of Tokyo station souvenir. If you are interested in the brick architecture of Tokyo station, I recommend these brick-shaped chocolate cookies and bean-jam buns sweets.


 “Tokyo An-pan,Tokyo brick bun pack”

  Reference  tokyostaioncity.com


Reference  tokyostaioncity.com

“Imuraya  Syoufuku (good luck charm)Yokan (azuki-bean jelly) , terminal building on the Tokyo station”

井村屋 招福羊羹 東京駅丸の内駅舎Reference  news.walkerplus.com

Tokyo station celebrated its 100th anniversary in December, 2014. Do you know about the trouble involving the shortage of “100th anniversary commemorative Suica cards (transit passes)” East Japan Railway Co, in Japan? Many people want to get Tokyo station 100th anniversary Suica cards.This package is printed with the fashionable Tokyo Station, and you can enjoy it as a commemorative souvenir after eating, and you don’t need to buy the Suica cards. You can get another Tokyo Station-shaped original package.

“Tokyo Station of the 100th anniversary premium print sable”

These are nice full-color print sables for the 100th anniversary of Tokyo Station.

東京駅100周年記念プレミアムプリントサブレReference   tokyostaioncity.com

Notes.  If you want to buy special souvenirs in Tokyo, you can’t miss these, because the Japanese especially love historical Tokyo station.

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