Japanese Sweet of Lovely Sable (shortbread)

Sable is popularJapanese sweets as souvenirs, Japanese have loved the crispy and fragrant.

You know what?  There are many types of Japanese sable (shortbread) sold as souvenirs. The most famous sables are the “Hato (dove-shaped) sable” of Kamakura City, and the “Hiyoko (baby bird-shaped) sable” of Tokyo or Fukuoka prefecture.

“Hato (dove-shaped) sable”  produced by Toyoshimaya

picReference www.hato.co.jp/hato/

“Hiyoko (baby bird-shaped) sable”


Reference www.tokyo-hiyoko.co.jp/items/sable.htm

Both simple bird forms resemble each other, and they don’t use spices and strong flavors to make a taste that is well-suited to the Japanese palate. The Japanese have loved the crispy and fragrant butter flavor for a long time.
I am pleased to introduce to you other individual Sables.
“Iwashi (Sardine Sable) from Choshi Fishing Port”


Reference www.rankingshare.jp/rank/lyzrzurfma


Reference  www.choshinet.or.jp/~pan/iwasi.html
The confectioner received a gold prize from the 26th National Confectionery Exposition (held in Hiroshima City) in 2013. It contains sardines, which are very nutritious, but it has a buttery flavor. Very delicious!

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