Japanese Candy Sweets of Kyoto

Like a Beautiful Jewel of the Colorful Japanese Sweets

“Kyoto Crochet” is a shop that combined the European beauty techniques and the traditional craftmanship of Kyoto candies. These candies are all handmade in this shop. They are boiled down with sugar and starch syrup, followed by adding fragrance and taste. Please join us to take a look at beautiful candy which gives the image of Kyoto. Each name of candy has meaning.

“Shiraginu-Temari”   lemon-lime taste

ma_shiraginu-temari_2     Referece  crcht.com

“Koicha-Temari “  Powdered green tea taste 

ma_koicha-temari_2       Referece  crcht.com

“Momiji-Temari” Orange flavor

ma_momiji-temari_2     Referece  crcht.com

“Kotohogi”  Plum taste    Red-and-white happy pattern.

ma_kotohogi_2      Referece  crcht.com

“Aoi-no-Shiro”  Watermelon flavor

ma_aoinoshiro_2    Referece  crcht.com

“Shion” Brown sugar taste


“Hana-Asagi” Peppermint taste

ma_hana-asagi_2     Referece  crcht.com

“Versailles” Lemon flavor    The image is  Versailles palace.

ma_versailles_2     Referece  crcht.com

“Genji-Emaki” Fruit mixture flavor

ma_genji-emaki_2      Referece  crcht.com

This shop is one of the stylish candy in Kyoto, so the confectionery of the shop is perfect for a gift.

Notes  They look so gorgeous that you can’t imagine their slightly soft taste in your mouth. Just looking at them is fun.

Wrapped up by Yushi

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