Popular Japanese sweet’s candy shops of Tokyo

Japanese sweet of 36 candy letters can be arranged to form a special message.

Among women, “Ameya Eitaro” is one of the most stylish and popular Tokyo candy shops.
They use toffee (Japanese name is aruheito) and make cute shapes.
Toffee is boiled down sugar and corn syrup.
Characteristically, it has a rich, sweet flavor and natural reddish yellow color and it can replace sugar in various dishes.
“Send A Message”

vis_ec_amessageRefernce  www.ameyaeitaro.com/a-message

These are candies decorated individually with the letters from A-Z.
The 36 candy letters can be arranged to form a special message.

“Board Candy, Hanehitoe”

ph_itaame01Reference  www.ameyaeitaro.com/hanehitoe

This candy is formed into a rectangular shape.
There are two different flavors in each Board Candy.

“Sweet mist”

ph_sweet-mistReference  ameyaeitaro.com/item/1148.html

You can enjoy 4 kinds of flavors: raspberry,late-ripening citrus, strawberry, damask rose pedal.

As for this product, alcohol is used. Please be careful, don’t use before the driving

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