Wagashi of Hiroshima prefecture

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Please join us take a look at  some popular wagashi  souvenirs of Hiroshima prefecture.

“One Muscat” , produced by Kyorakudo

Gyuhi, Japanese style Turkish delight, wraps a whole Alexandria Muscat. It was made some decades ago and has become very popular after introduced by TV recently. The combination of sweet Gyuhi and a bit sour Muscat is superb. Fresh juice fills up your mouth. Season limited product from May to August every year.


  Reference blogs.yahoo.co.jp/chabi1974/36142439.html

“Oimatsu”  Do you know “Oimatsu” from the well-established confectioner, Yamadaya, famous for their Momiji Manjyu? This baked confectionery is filled with uguisu an (smooth green bean paste) and is slightly less sweet than Momiji Manjyu. Condensed milk is added to the batter to make the cake moist and soft.

Reference  momiji-yamadaya.co.jp/products/list.php?category_id=17
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