Japanese Sweets of Hiroshima prefecture

I am pleased to introduce some popular souvenirs of Japanese western style sweets of Hiroshima prefecture.

Presenting Hiroshima Prefecture Local Souvenirs of western-style Japanese sweets

 Asehira Cattle Farm (Asehira Dairy Industry) in Miyoshi, Hiroshima, proudly presents “Asehira cheesecake”: hand-made baked cheesecake using milk pumped in the morning and other selected ingredients. You can enjoy the exquisite balance of two layers of rich baked cheesecake and fluffy soufflé cheesecake with fresh cream.

 hn3Reference /www.asehira.com/

“Onomichi Pudding”, the hot item of an old-fashioned shop “Oyatsu to Yamaneko (snacks and a wildcat)” near the JR Onomichi Station: Pudding in a milk bottle with rich egg flavor. Putting on lemon syrup makes it less sweet along with adding lemon acidity; you can enjoy it twice.

 hn4Reference minkara.carview.co.jp/userid/1360890/blog/29081180/l

“Onraimanto” , produced by Tenmeido

Originally a sweet famous in China: “Onrai” means a pineapple. A soft cookie contains pineapple jam. A bit sweet-and -sour, plain taste.

  hn6Reference blog.goo.ne.jp/kisaragi82158/e/d8ca74eaddb8e8cde08dac73be93ef30

“Magokoro Dzutsumi” from the Japanese sweets shop “Ootemon” is a baked Western-style Japanese sweet that is castella (Japanese sponge cake) and jam wrapped in a Langue du Chat cookie. The combination of the crisp cookie exterior and the soft castella sponge sandwiching sweet and sour raspberry jam provides a variety of textures and flavors. This is treat that will have you coming back for more.

 hn2-2 Exif_JPEG_PICTUREReference hitosara.com/tlog_34010928/

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