Japanese Sweets of Onomichi city, Hiroshima

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Presenting Onomichi city, Hiroshima Prefecture Local Souvenirs of Japanese Sweets

Please join us take a look at  some popular souvenirs of Japanese traditional style confections (Nippon Wagashi confectionery shop) of Onomichi city Hiroshima prefecture.

“Seto Komachi”,  produced by Nishikido

Sold by Nishikido, famous for its Momiji-Manju. It was developed jointly by Hiroshima University and Onomichi City, using a whole Oosakikamijima lemon. A white rice cake wrapping, lemon jelly with lemon peels is stuffed in moist dough. Bitterness in sweet taste and fruit are tasty.


Reference www.mite-mite.info/

“Hassaku Nama Dorayaki”,  produced by Hakuaido

Hakuaido is popular for its Japanese sweet made with Hassaku orange and this Dorayaki, a bean paste pancake, offers an unexpected combination of ingredients. Its refreshing aftertaste is that of western style Japanese sweet, rather than traditional Japanese sweets. If you get tired of ordinary Dorayaki, try this.


Reference /onmac2004.exblog.jp/12948343

“Hassaku Daifuku” ,produced by Shofukutei

This is a signature confectionery in Onomichi. A Daifuku made with Gyuhi, which wraps Hassaku orange fruit and bean paste; characteristic refreshing taste. Juicy, enough bitterness of Hassaku, right sweetness of Gyuhi and bean paste; the harmony is exquisite. Enjoy comparing the tastes of white bean paste and red bean paste.

hn11 Reference blog.livedoor.jp/oisiidaisuki/archives/cat_50011180.html?p=2

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