Japanese Sweets of Woman’s Favorite Pocky

Flavor Ranking of Japanese Sweet’s Pocky 

Did you know that “Pocky Flavor ranking of Glico”?

I am pleased to Introduce to you Japanese popular sweets, Pocky in Glico. This is quoted from “My Navigator News”. Flavor ranking of Japanese woman’s favorite Pocky. “Based on a questionnaire for 448 women in 20s”. You’ll enjoy both chocolate and crispy pretzel in one stick, various flavors are sold in Japan.

1st : “Pocky Chocolate”

pokeychocolate     Reference   pocky.jp

2nd : “Strawberry Pocky”(Tsubu-tsubu Ichigo)

tuburubu                         Reference   pocky.jp

3rd :“Winter Melty Pocky“ (Yuki-no-kuchi-doke Pocky)

fuyutudhidoke                  Reference   pocky.jp

4th :“Pocky (Extra Thin)”

gokuhosonReference   pocky.jp

5th :“Almond Crush Pocky”

armondcrash                    Reference   pocky.jp

“The reason why the taste was selected”

1st : Simple and orthodox taste. You can enjoy the familiar flavor which is not hit or miss for a long time.

2nd : Perfect harmony of sweet & sour taste. Lovely pink color. You can not forget the sweetness of sour strawberry.

3rd : Texture is unlike other Pocky. Winter seasonal flavor is something special.

4th : Thin one is crispy and nice. Feel satisfied easily.

5th : The combination of chocolate and almond is luxurious


My favorite is 2nd : “Strawberry Pocky”(Tsubu-tsubu Ichigo)!

Please look closely at the edge of this Pocky, it is heart-shaped. It is the most suitable tool to tell your love.

Wrapped by Yushi

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