Regional Japanese Sweet of “Koala’s March (Koara no March)

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Japanese Sweet Has Four Kinds of Koala Patterns

“Dreamlike Collaboration!”
Big news! The first limited and regional edition of “Koala’s March” which collaborated with specialty of Tokai district (Nagoya and Gifu) has been launched.


Nagoya’s Ogura toast is well-known; it is a thickly-sliced toasted bread topped with a spread of margarine or butter and sweet red bean paste.
The Koala’s March successfully reproduced the sweet flavor of Ogura toast.
The cookie of the crunchy texture is filled with chocolate filling which calls up an image of Ogura toast.

The Koalas which call up an image of Tokai district are printed, not only on the sweets but also on small bags of the sweets.


There are four kinds of Koala patterns: Koala dressed in clothes of Feudal Warlord Nobunaga Oda, Koala having an Ogura toast, Koala Holding a gold shachihoko, Koala eating fried prawns.


Please look at four patterns closely. In addition, you can enjoy the Japanese sweets in a different way.


Wrapped up by Yushi

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