Japanese Sweet’s KitKat “Tochiotome” and “Amaou” Strawberry

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Japanese Sweets of  2 Famous Strawberry Flavor’s KitKat(キットカット) 

You know what ? There are two famous strawberry flavors of KitKat (キットカット) in Japan.  How different these strawberry flavors of KitKat are ? Both strawberries which are printed on the package are big and look delicious.
In addition, both names come from the name of the strawberry production regions of Japan. Let’s learn two kinds of strawberries.

“Amaou Strawberry Flavored KitKat”

strawberry     Reference  d.nestle.jp

The distinctive features of Amaou are as follows: The size is big and it’s shaped well. Lustrous red color is a beautiful. Amaou has a high sugar content.
amaou     Left is an Amaou, right is a conventional.

Reference  fsfukuoka.com/catalog/catalog_vegetables/amaou
Amaou is considerably bigger than conventional strawberries. How about flavor of Amaou’s KitKat?  The flavor of the famous strawberry “Amaou” from Fukuoka is well harmonized with white chocolate.

“Tochiotome Strawberry Flavored KitKat”

strawberry2             Reference  d.nestle.jp

Tochiotome is as great as Amaou. Tochigi’s climate is suitable for strawberry cultivation, and Tochigi is Japan’s number one strawberry-producing prefecture.
ichigo02  Reference  www.tochigi-ichigo.net

How about flavor of Tochiotome’s KitKat? The flavor of the famous strawberry “Tochiotome” from Tochigi is well harmonized with white chocolate.

Notes. Bless my heart ! I don’t understand the difference between Amaou strawberry flavored KitKat and Tochiotome one.  Hey mom, let’s taste and compare!


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