Local Wagashi (Japanese Style Sweet) of Tochigi

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Popular Wagashi (Japanese-style sweet)

I am pleased to introduce some delicious and popular local  souvenirs of wagashi, using local specialty of Ibaraki prefecture.

 Presenting Tochigi Prefecture Local Souvenirs

“Koin Monaka”, produced by Koundo-honten

Specialty Japanese sweet of Ashikaga city, “Koin Monaka”, a hallmark of “Koundo Honten”, a Japanese sweet shop established 100 years ago. Smashed sweet red beans covered with homemade crispy extremely-thin skin. Aromatic taste of Adzuki beans produced in Tokachi matches excellently with sweetness of paste.


 Reference .ashikaga-kankou.jp/buy/koundo_honten

A local wagashi that is known by everyone in the area. Smashed sweet red beans covered with extremely-thin skin. Simple and mild sweetness induces nostalgia.


Reference ashikaga-umaimonokai.com/honten.html

“Kariman”, produced by Kourindo

Famous product of “Kourindo”, a long-established Japanese sweet shop. Marked by sweetness reminiscent of Karinto, fried dough cookies and crispy texture of freshly fried cookies. The more you bite it, the better it tastes. A famous confectionary.


Reference  www.kourindo.jp/

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