Rare KitKat(キットカット) of Regional Limited Japanese Sweets

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What an Amazing Flavore of Japanese KitKat (キットカット) Sweet !

Japan has many kinds of KitKat, and many foreigners buy them for Japanese sweet’s souvenirs. I introduce some rare kinds of KitKat. Reviews of the limited products were collected from the people, asking which KitKat they like.

“Wasabi (Japanese horseradish) Flavored Kitkat” (Shizuoka, Kanto area limited)

You will either love or hate this taste. It does not have a strong bitterness like eating fresh wasabi. It has a mysterious taste which has a hint of bitterness hidden within the sweetness.

wasabi  Reference  d.nestle.jp

“Red Chili Pepper Flavored KitKat”

You can really taste the red chili pepper inside the chocolate. You will be amazed! It is not super spicy, so you can eat it without worrying. It helps to keep you awake.

hichimi  Reference d.nestle.jp

“Hojicha (roasted green tea) Flavored KitKat ”

It tastes more like brown tea than green tea, but both are wonderful in different ways. It is rich-tasting.

houjicya   Reference  d.nestle.jp

 “Green Soybean (Zunda) Flavored KitKat.”

It has a simple taste of green soybean. “People’s review.” It tastes good but needs more of a green soybean taste. It also smells like rice cake.

zunda1  Reference  d.nestle.jp

“Almond Jelly (Annindofu) Flavored Kitkat.”

It has a delightful and rich almond flavor. It is covered with white chocolate. It tastes almond jelly (Annindofu), but doesn’t taste chocolate.

annindofu  Reference  d.nestle.jp

“Cinnamon (Shogoin Yatsuhashi) Flavored KitKat.”

Yatsuhashi is one of the traditional sweets of Kyoto. The Yatsuhashi is crushed into pieces and mixed in the white chocolate to take on a cinnamon (Nikki) flavor. It has a unique flavor and delicious.

shogoin_yatsuhashi   Reference  d.nestle.jp

“Purple Yam Flavored KitKat” Sold only in Kyushu ad Okinawa.

The sweetness of the purple yam is delicious. I feel it tastes nostalgic like simple country cooking.

beniimoReference  d.nestle.jp


We suddenly come to want a toy that we don’t even look at usually, when other babies play with it. It may be human nature that we aren’t interested in something we get easily but we come to want something which is hard to obtain. Japanese can’t resist limited products, such as “area-limited” or “time-limited”.

Wrapped up by Yushi

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