Japanese Sweet of KitKat(キットカット) limited in the Shinshu

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Japanese Sweet of “KitKat(キットカット) fresh apple flavor ”

With the current popularity of locally limited Japanese sweets in Japan, many kinds of regionally limited souvenirs are sold. You can enjoy various local flavors. “KitKat(キットカット) Shinshu apple flavor ” is one of the popular KitKats and sold only in the Shinshu region.

Plenty of apple from Shinshu district is kneaded in the fruity wafer.
The flavor of a sweet-sour apple spreads in your mouth.

This KitKat has a pleasant fruity flavor and it is covered with chocolate which contains apple juice from Shinshu region. You can enjoy the rich taste and fragrance of the apple.

appleReference  d.nestle.jp

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