Japanese Sweets of Obihiro City, Hokkaido district

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Popular Japanese Sweets of Local Souvenirs

Many confections (Okashi) raw materials such as wheat or the sugar are produced in Tokachi Plains, so there are many Japanese confectioners (Nippon Okashi) in Obihiro city, center area of Tokachi. Rokkatei confectioner  is one of the most famous shops  in Obihiro city, Hokkaido, Japan.

“Marusei Butter Sand”  Representative Japanese western style sweet of Rokkatei


Reference cssnite-sapporo.jp/sightseeing/survenir.html

Marusei Butter Sand of Rokkatei Confectionery, very popular in Obihiro City since its release in 1977. The raisins and butter cream in the crisp dough are marvelous.

 “Yukiya – Konkon (image of snow)”  Popular Japanese western style sweet of Rokkatei

p_20140528103321734   Reference  hokkaido-omiyage.com/bnorokka125/

This Japanese sweet is imaged beautiful snow landscape of Hokkaido. What are the numerous white holes in the surface of the crisp dough? The leaking of the sandwiched white chocolate through the holes produces an image of snow.

“Strawberry chocolate” ,  Famous Japanese sweet of Rokkatei


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It is one of the most popular products of Rokkatei. Freeze dry strawberry  is coated with chocolate. There are two kinds of flavors: white and milk chocolate.

“Obi-chan Hiro-chan” 


Reference  rera-sapporo.com/sweets/rokkatei28.html

I am please to introduce to you wagashi (Japanese style sweet) item of Rokkatei. Two raw flour rice cakes placed side by side, an interesting idea of twins from Obihiro.


Reference  rera-sapporo.com/sweets/rokkatei28.html

The pink rice cake contains sweet tora-bean paste, and the white rice cake sweet adzuki-beans.

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