Japanese Sweet of Kushiro City, Hokkaido

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Japanese Sweet Marimo-shapted

“Marimo Yokan” is one of the popular Japanese souvenir sweet of Hokkaido. Excellent sweets sold in Akanko Hot Springs, Kushiro City. The round-shaped green yokan is the image of Akanko’s natural treasure, marimo algae. It is a green color,  but not use powder green tea.


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Eat the sweet by piercing and peeling the thin rubber-like skin with a toothpick. Has a great impact.


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“Marimo Pudding” 

Ingredients produced in Hokkaido district are used and is shaped like a marimo, too.


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“Akanko(Akan Lake)” is a aboundant natural crater lake in Akan National Park, and marimo (rare algae species) is living here. Marimo is a soccer size green ball.


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