Japanese Sweets of Nemuro city Hokkaido

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Presentation of Popular Japanese Sweets : Nemuro city Hokkaido

You know what?  Speaking of Nemuro city in Hokkaido, please  remember “Netherlands rice crackers”! Soft and moist rice crackers sold at some confectioners (okashi- ya) in Nemuro City. The taste of brown sugar has never changed since in 1960 ; softly backed by varying the cooking temperature.

“Netherlands rice crackers”!  Produced by Hashiya-kashiten

s-1002 Reference  olandasenbei.com/syouhin.html

“Koko cheese”  , produced by Ichiroan

The Japanese sweet is located in the convenient place in front of Nemuro Station. The cheese cake is cool and you can taste rich flavor choose. 

g_ne_ichiro_3-sReference  nemuro.pref.hokkaido.lg.jp/ss/srk/kanko/

“Nemuro Rusk Man” produced by Nemuro sweet shops

This rusk is one of the new popular okashi confectioneries among Nemuro people.


Reference   sapporo.100miles.jp/mikaosanai/?m=201402


Reference  green.ap.teacup.com/midoreet/212.html

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