Wagashi (Japanese Style Sweet) of Yamagata Prefecture

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Background of Wagashi

Known as the fruit tree kingdom, it is famous all over the country as a cherry, La France pear and grapes producing area. Also, along with each Tohoku prefecture and Niigata, it is a prosperous rice-growing area. I am pleased to introduce some popular wagashi of Yamagata prefecture. The largest part of Yamagata prefecture area is occupied by mountains. Most of the people live along Mogamigawa River flowing through the middle of the prefecture.

Presenting Yamagata Prefecture Local Souvenirs of Wagashi

“Noshi Ume” , produced by Satouya

The balance of the plum’s original sourness and sweetness makes an exquisite jelly-like cake. Using only full-ripened plums from Murayama city, Yamagata prefecture. Using only sugar and agar-agar, the artisan carefully crafts the cakes following the traditional confectioning method.


Reference satoya-matsubei.com/wagashi-ichiran.html

“Iga Mochi”

Popular souvenirs Nippon Wagashi from Zao Onsen. A small white rice cake placed on a real bamboo leaf. Decorated with a yellow-dyed rice grain. Inside the rice cake there is strained bean paste, with a sticky, chewy texture. The bamboo leaf’s original flavor slightly passes in the rice cake and its fragrance can be enjoyed too.

dsc00080_512Reference yogozansu.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2012/03/post-c19d.html

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