Japanese Western-Style Sweets of Miyagi

Background of Japanese Sweets

I am pleased to introduce to you some delicious and popular local  souvenirs of Japanese sweets using local specialty. Do you know a kind of Pretz with a oxtongue (Sendai beef) taste?  Sendai city is the capital of Miyagi prefecture and It is famous as a  luxury local dishes of “Sendai beef”. The prefecture is also rich in abundant varieties of foods including high-quality Wagyu, “Sendai beef”, fruits such as strawberry and pear, rice, traditional vegetables, and edible wild plants.

In addition, Miyagi prefecture is one of the best producing areas in the nation of sea products including skipper, bonito, tuna, sea squirt and shark fin. Seed oysters produced in Miyagi prefecture makes up about 90% of the national output.

Presenting Japanese Western-Style Sweet of Miyagi Local Souvenirs 

“Kumanote Chourusk”, produced by Arpajon Sendai

Crisply baked cream choux pastry shell sprinkled with granulated sugar. A highest-quality rusk with rich butter flavor. Other flavors including chocolate and garlic are also tasty.


Reference arpajon-sendai.com/products/chourusk/

“Gotto”, produced by Palpaw

Layers of sponge cake, sable and pie coated with chocolate. Beautiful look and enjoyable texture. In addition to standard flavors of chocolate, green tea, black tea, and coffee, seasonal flavors including strawberry and Sakura cherry blossom are available. A popular famous Japanese sweet in Kesennuma located near the coast.

image02Reference www.palpaw.co.jp/gotto/

“Zunda roll”, produced by Baikadou

“Dadachamame bean” produced in Tsuruoka city, Yamagata prefecture and fresh eggs are generously used. Dadachamame bean is a special local product in Shonai district in Yamagata prefecture that is produced exclusively to be eaten boiled. Characterized by sweetness and unique rich flavor.


 Reference sendaimeiten.com/maker/baikadou/A74-101.html

“Date Emaki”, produced by Sanzen

Baked sweet with rich taste made from fresh eggs without a drop of water.


 Reference  www.sanzen.co.jp/brand/meika.html

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