Wagashi (Japanese style sweet) of Fukushima

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Presenting Wagashi of Fukushima Prefecture Local Souvenirs  

I am pleased to introduce to you some delicious and popular local souvenirs of wagashi (Japanese style sweet), using local specialty of Fukushima prefecture.

Popular Wagashi

“Usukawa Manju”, produced by Kashiwaya

High-quality, thin-skinned bun filled with sweet bean paste.

img_hitokuchiReference www.usukawa.com/

“Mochi Zuri”, produced by Kashiwaya

Korimochi (rice cake in flake form) applied on the surface reminds us of pebbles.Long-forgotten flavor with mild sweetness and soy sauce.

toppage_mochizuriReference www.usukawa.com/

“Mugi Senbei”, produced by Taiyoudo

Gives simple rice crackers with simple sweet taste of wheat made from wheat flour dough mixed with peanuts.

Reference sky.geocities.jp/qyy02327/

“Kaden-Ubeshi”, produced by Kannoya

A citron-flavored round and thin skinned-bun filled with sweet bean paste. A unique triangle shape that represents a wing-spreading crane.


Reference kannoya.co.jp/onlineshop/cmd_list.html

Background of Wagashi

Fukushima is famous for scenic sights with rich nature such as Aizuwakamatsu, Mt. Bandai which is famous for water and Lake Inawashiro. Pacific side of the prefecture has many excellent fishing ports that have produced many marine products since old times.

In Aizu basin where severe spell of cold weather continues, a variety of preservative foods are eaten including frozen bean curd, dried persimmons, and herring sushi. Unique local dishes and wagashi (Japanese style sweet) have developed.

Inland area is richly cultivated with silk and there are many festivals where local people celebrate with sweet rice balls coated with sweetened red beans, rice cakes, and dumplings according to silk cultivation calendar.

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