Premium Funassyi (Local Mascot of Chiba Prefecture) Pretz

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The Pretz which collaborated with Funassyi, limited quantity

 “Pretz of Pear juice Busya(Splash!) taste,” was launched from Glico on January 21st, 2014, but its sale already ended at the end of February, 2014.



 Do you know Funassyi, an unofficial mascot of Funabashi City in Chiba Prefecture?  He is the most popular and hardest worker of all local mascot characters in Japan.



This is how to make the Funassyi Pretz: bake the dough after putting custard-flavored cream on it, and add pear flavor as the final touch. The mellow sweetness of custard cream harmonizes with the fresh taste of pear exquisitely.
However, the Pretz doesn’t contain the juice and flesh of a fresh pear, but pear essence and custard vanilla essence are used instead . The texture of the Pretz is crispy.

P1370668_m  Reference

There are four kinds of package designs: standard one, Funassyi wearing the costume of a station employee or a high school girl or a Maiko(Japanese dancing girl).

 Here is a Pretz of station employee



 Here is a Pretz of high school girl



 Here is a Pretz of Maiko(Japanese dancing girl)



The expressions of Funassyi on all packages resemble each other, and a picture of the stem of a pear is printed in the top-right corner of the package.



The Funassyi Pretz is slightly shorter than the regular one, and is small enough to fit in your hand.


Notes.   I hope this Pretz will be revived in the near future.

Wrapped up by Yushi


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