Japanese Western Style Sweets of Takamatu city, Kagawa

Presentation of Japanese Sweets of Takamatu city

I am pleased to introduce to you some popular souvenirs of Japanese western style sweets of Takamatu city Kagawa prefecture. You can enjoy eating the  cake of the fresh one every day. The Japanese sweet shops always have many various kinds of cakes

“Roll cake confection” produced by Patisserie Araki. It is one of popular confectioner in Takamatu city among local people.,  even a roll cake series has 5-6 kinds with richness.

37059_1  Reference e-komachi.com/web/gourmet/detail.asp?tnid=37059

“Sanuki Kama baked sweet poteto” produced by Lowe Kashi Koubou (confectioner studio)

It used local fresh ingredients of Kagawa or Tokushima prefectuer, and kneaded a sweet potato which was brought up in the sandy area that it was warm, and fully included a climate with a little rainfall and a mineral of the sea.

26_1 Reference lowe.co.jp/fs/lowenet/special/861

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