Japanese Sweet of Strong Taste and Impression! Funa-zushi

Japanese Sweet of Funa-zushi (crucian carp sushi) Pie: Otsu City, Shiga, Funa-zushi is a local specialty of Shiga Prefecture. Crucian carps preserved in salt are mixed with rice, and it is fermented and picked well. The smell is unique and similar … Continued

Wagashi of Shiga is a historical Japanese Sweet

Presenting Local Wagashi (Japanese style sweet) of Shiga Prefecture Shiga prefecture has some representative souvenirs such as Oomi beef, Funa-zushi (crucian carp sushi), red konjac and so on. However, you must not forget delicious and unique wagashi (Japanese style sweets) loved … Continued

Japanese Sweet Tokyo Banana of ‘Strawberry Flavor’

 Cute sisters of Tokyo Banana(東京ばな奈), Lovely Japanese Sweets  A strawberry’s sweet is very popular among Japanese regardless of generation. I am pleased to introduce some cute sister-like Tokyo Banana sweets of strawberry flavor. “Tokyo Banana in Ginza” Japanese Sweets of Strawberry Taste Strawberry cream of … Continued

Other Japanese Sweets of Tokyo Banana (東京ばな奈)

Unique Japanese Brothers of Tokyo Banana (東京ばな奈) Sweets Have you heard of Tokyo Banana’s (東京ばな奈) another series, which has become new popular souvenirs in Tokyo? I’d like to introduce other best-loved sweets which are similar to banana cake.They are unique confections of Tokyo Banana. … Continued

“Tokyo Banana (東京ばな奈)” Japanese Sweet of ‘Baumkuchen’

Another Popular Japanese Sweets Using Cute Banana Design You know what? Tokyo Banana (東京ばな奈) has another sweets series using cute Banana design. Let’s take a look at some delicious Japanese sweets of Baumkuchen. What’s Baumkuchen? It is a cake which has … Continued

Japanese Sweet of Glico-ya, Pretz(プリッツ) and Pocky(ポッキー)

Glico-ya are retail outlets for many original Japanese Sweets Pretz(プリッツ) and Pocky(ポッキー) If you love Pretz (プリッツ) and Pocky(ポッキー), do not miss these Glico-ya(グリコや) shops in Japan. Glico (グリコ) is operating 16 stores across the country as of 2015.There are retail outlets for many … Continued