Beautiful Wagashi with Gold-leaf Topping of Kanazawa prefecture

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Wagashi of Konpeito (confetti) and Marshmallows

Did you know a wagashi of Konpeito? It is a kind of Japanese confections which came from Portugal. Konpeito is a small sphere-shaped candy with horn-like projections made from sugar and water. It is a lucky Japanese sweet gift which is given on auspicious occasions such as marriage and the birth of a baby.

hakuichi3    Reference

I am pleased to introduce to you beautiful Japanese sweets with gold-leaf topping. “Good-luck sweet Konpeito (confetti)” from Hakuichi



Let me introduce another beautiful sweets with gold-leaf topping. “Gold-leaf marshmallow” from Hakuichi

hakuichi4 hakuichi6


Marshmallows contain much gelatin and collagen which are effective to make the skin beautiful. The marshmallows are kind to the skin, so they are appreciated by the women who want to become beautiful. They are very delicious. You can put them in hot cocoa and enjoy the creamy taste. Yummy! The Konpeito candies of Hakuichi have soft colors, and gold leaf glitters softly in harmony with the colors. The confections with gold-leaf topping make you feel luxury, so they are perfect for a gift.

Notes.  How  luxurious!  “We have gold-leaf now!”

Wrapped up by Yushi

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